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Hasco Outlet Montclair Grand Opening on November 4th!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Hasco Outlet, a family-owned small business with big brands and big discounts is coming to Montclair, California. To celebrate, we're throwing a Grand Opening Party! We're so happy to be joining this wonderful community here in Pomona Valley, and look forward to meeting everyone of our neighbors.

On Thursday, November 4th starting at 12pm - 1.30pm we will be having a food truck from The Habit Burger, live music to enjoy, as well as free gifts with every purchase. Just our way of introducing ourselves and the great times to be had here at Hasco Outlet.

For more information, and to get updated details from us in the future- be sure to sign up for our emails, and follow us on social: hasco.outlet on Facebook, Instagram, and tiktok.

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