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Hasco Has Kafene: Lease-to-Own Made Easy

At Hasco we have a new partner in order to provide great value and easy payments for our customers to make the larger purchases they want today! Kafene is now available at Hasco Outlet and with just a short application you can be approved for up to $5000 instantly.

The application for Kafene Lease-to-Own is simple. The requirements are easy as well:

  • US government-issued photo ID and SS# or ITIN#

  • 18 Years or older

You have several options to make your initial payment in store. Your regular payments will be made directly via bank account. If your bank account does not work, we will try your credit card.

If you're looking to purchase a new "65 Samsung QLED, Xbox Series S, a leather recliner sectional, or a new Series 7 Apple Watch; Kafene makes it easy to spare your wallet and save today!

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